Bjarni Diðrik Sigurðsson

Bjarni Diðrik Sigurðsson

Professor/Programme Director

Háskólinn að Hólum


1993 - B.Sc. degree in biology - University of Iceland. Dept. of Biology.

2001 - Ph.D. degree in Forest Ecology / Ecophysiology - The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Faculty of Forestry. Dept. for Production Ecology.

Professional Experience

2006 – present. Head of Forest Science, Restoration Ecology and Management Program, Faculty of Environment, AUI. 
2005 – present. Professor of forest science, Faculty of Environment, AUI. 
2001 – 2005. Senior Researcher at the Icelandic Forest Research, Mógilsá. My field of expertise was studies on carbon fluxes and carbon sequestration in woody ecosystems. 
2000-2001. Researcher and lecturer at the Department for Production Ecology, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. 
1997 – 2000 Ph.D. student in Uppsala, Sweden. 
1994 –1996 Research site manager. I became a ‘caretaker’ of a research-site in Gunnarsholt, Iceland, hired by Agricultural Research Institute and Icelandic Forest Research. Main project: The Likely Impact of Rising CO2 and Temperature on Nordic Forests at Limiting and Optimal Nutrient Supply. This later became my Ph.D. work. 
1993-1994 Research assistant at the Agricultural Research Institute in Reykjavik. I worked in a project concerned with the ecology of an introduced plant, Lupinus nootkatensis, much used for land reclamation in Iceland.
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