Bjarni Diðrik Sigurðsson

Professor/Programme Director

University of Iceland
  • Position
    Program Coordinator for Forest Sciences, Restoration Ecology and Management
  • Unit
    Agricultural University of Iceland - Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
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    +354 4335000
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    + 354 8435342
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Specialization / Research Area

1. Carbon, water and nutrient dynamics in natural and planted forests and woodlands. 2. Forest ecology 3. Plant succession and changes in flora and fauna due to changing climate.


1993 - B.Sc. degree in biology - University of Iceland. Dept. of Biology.

2001 - Ph.D. degree in Forest Ecology / Ecophysiology - The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Faculty of Forestry. Dept. for Production Ecology.

Professional experience

2006 – present. Head of Forest Science, Restoration Ecology and Management Program, Faculty of Environment, AUI. 
2005 – present. Professor of forest science, Faculty of Environment, AUI. 
2001 – 2005. Senior Researcher at the Icelandic Forest Research, Mógilsá. My field of expertise was studies on carbon fluxes and carbon sequestration in woody ecosystems. 
2000-2001. Researcher and lecturer at the Department for Production Ecology, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. 
1997 – 2000 Ph.D. student in Uppsala, Sweden. 
1994 –1996 Research site manager. I became a ‘caretaker’ of a research-site in Gunnarsholt, Iceland, hired by Agricultural Research Institute and Icelandic Forest Research. Main project: The Likely Impact of Rising CO2 and Temperature on Nordic Forests at Limiting and Optimal Nutrient Supply. This later became my Ph.D. work. 
1993-1994 Research assistant at the Agricultural Research Institute in Reykjavik. I worked in a project concerned with the ecology of an introduced plant, Lupinus nootkatensis, much used for land reclamation in Iceland.