Emma Eyþórsdóttir

Associate Professor

University of Iceland
  • Position
    Associate professor - animal breeding
  • Unit
    Agricultural University of Iceland - Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
  • Location
    Keldnaholt - Aðalhús
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    +354 4335000
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    + 354 8435321

Specialization / Research Area

Genetics and breeding of farm animals Sheep genetics and breeding Wool quality and pelt quality of sheep Breeding of salmonid fish (Atlantic salmon, Arctic charr) Genetic diversity of livestock species

Research collaboration

- Chairman for the Icelandic commitee for conservation of genetic resources in animals (1991-2002)
- Member of the steering group for the Nordic Gene Bank for Livestock (Nordisk Genbank for Husdyr) (1991-), Chairman 1999-2001
- Chairman for the Livestock Section of the Nordic Agricultural Scientists Association (NJF Section V) (1994-1999) 
- Chairman for the Committee for quality standards of wool and pelts in Iceland (1990-)
- Member of the committee for genetic resources in agriculture in Iceland (2003- )
Recipient of AgResearch Senior Research Fellowship, New Zealand, 1997-1998
Member of the evaluation committee for research projects in the area of biology and natural resources for the Icelandic Research Council, 2000 – 2002.
Member of the evaluation committee for a special research programme in the area of ecology and biological diversity for the Icelandic Research Council, 2001 – 2003.
Member of the evaluation committee for research projects applications to the Technology Development Fund for the Icelandic Research Council, 2004 – 2005.
Referee for the Norwegian Research Council on research projects in Bioproduction and Processing, 2000 – 2004.
Member of the University Council of the Agric. Univ. of Iceland from 2005.


High school diploma (Studentsprof), Menntaskolinn vid Hamrahlid Reykjavik 1973.
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Animal Science, University of Manitoba, Canada, 1977.
Ph.D. studies in Animal Breeding at The Agricultural University of Norway 

Completed the following post-graduate courses in animal breeding and genetics, organised by the Nordic Agric. Universities at Ph.D. level:
Biochemical and molecular genetics. - Swedish Univ. of Agric. Sci., Uppsala, 1987.
Breeding systems and economical breeding plans. - Royal Vet. and Agr. Univ., Copenhagen, Denmark, 1988.
Linear models and estimation of breeding values. - Agric. Univ. of Norway, 1989.
Quantitative genetics in animal breeding. - Univ. of Helsinki, Finland, 1990.
Bayesian Techniques in animal breeding. - Swedish Univ. of Agric. Sci., Uppsala, 1989.
Major Genes in Animal breeding. - Agric. Res. Inst., Iceland, 1992.
Theoretical and computational methods for nonlinear models in animal breeding. - Royal Vet. and Agr. Univ., Copenhagen, Denmark, 1993
Hair and skin research methods - Research Centre Foulum, Denmark, 1996

Professional experience

Assistant to Dr. Olafur Gudmundsson in grazing experiments at The Agricultural Research Institute in Iceland, May-Aug. 1976
Assistant to Dr. Halldor Palsson, Director of Agriculture, at The Agricultural Society of Iceland, June-Aug. 1977
Stayed in Denmark 1977 - 1983 
Worked at the Agricultural Research Institute in Iceland since April 1, 1983.
- Division of Biometrics 1983 - 1987
- Division of Animal Production from 1987
- Head of the Division of Animal Production from 1998 – 2004 (50 % position 2001-2004)
Assoc. professor (Docent) at the Agricultural University at Hvanneyri (50% position 2001-2004)
Assoc. professor (Docent) Agricultural University of Iceland from 2005.