Diploma Supplement Label

The Agricultural University of Iceland is a proud Diploma Supplement (DS) Label holder from 2010

The DS-Label is extremely important for AUI students as it makes it easier to apply for further studies abroad, whereas the DS-Label is a certification from the European Union stating that the school diplomas meet the requirements of the European Union. The certification is valid until 2013.

DS is a supplement to the diploma students stating an exact description of the studies that certificate testifies. Also in the Annex brief description of the Icelandic educational system and its structure. Certificates appendix is published in English and students free of charge.

The issue of DS-Label is a part of the implementation of Bologna process, but the process is focused on co-operation and co-ordination in the field of higher education in Europe. Bologna process aims to make Europe a single contiguous area of education in order to enable students and teachers to move between countries to acquire education and jobs in public sector continent.
DS label.
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