Faculty of Environmental Sciences

The AUI is comprised of two university departments: Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Faculty of Land and Animal Resources. The Division of Research serves research activities within the university faculties and the Division of Academic Affairs is responsible for teaching administration. In addition, AUI runs a Department of Vocational Training and Life Long Learning. This provides vocational training in agriculture and horticulture at the upper secondary school level as well as lifelong learning (fixed programmes and ad hoc courses) for the general public and professionals within the field of AUI.

The Faculty of Environmental Sciences is particularly strong in fields pertaining to environmental research and planning at the landscape scale. Programmes available at the undergraduate level are BS degrees in Natural Resources and Environmental Science; Forestry and Ecological Restoration and Landscape Architecture and Planning. Emphasis is placed on flexibility and the possibility for students to fine-tune their major by adding studies from other departments and programs. Postgraduate programmes (for the MS and PhD degrees) are available in Forestry; Restoration Science; Planning; and Environmental Science. Postgraduate studies are based on a combination of course work and individual research projects.

Research carried out within the Faculty of Environmental Sciences is versatile and particularly strong in the following fields:  Land-use and land-use change; Forestry; Wetland ecology; Land degradation and restoration; Soil science; Nature conservation and sustainable land-use; Landscape architecture and planning; Ecosystem carbon dynamics and climate change. The research done by the faculty encourages and aids the development of an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable land-use.

Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences: Auður Magnúsdóttir

Study programmes
Nature and Environmental Science. 
Forest Science, Restoration Ecology and Management.
Natural Resources and Management.
Landscape Planning and Architecture.

ECTS course catalogue – includes complete descriptions in of all courses offered in English and Icelandic.
Undergraduate studies - Bachelor Programmes.
Graduate studies – M.Sc and PhD.