Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences


The AUI has one university faculty, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
The Division of Research serves research activities within the university faculties and the Division of Academic Affairs is responsible for teaching administration. In addition, AUI runs a Department of Vocational Training and Life Long Learning. This provides vocational training in agriculture and horticulture at the upper secondary school level as well as lifelong learning (fixed programmes and
ad hoc courses) for the general public and professionals within the field of AUI.

Faculty of Land and Animal Resources has the main objective of maintaining and developing the genetic resources in animals and plants in Iceland and to build up sustainable production systems with emphasis on quality and traceability of products from farm to consumer.

The subject areas covered in teaching and research include the management, cultivation and utilization of land and vegetation, management and breeding of livestock that are used for food production or in other areas of production. These subjects are covered from the perspectives of biology, economics and production techniques.

The overall aim of all research projects is to improve productivity, to reduce production costs and improve quality while at the same time to ensure sustainable land use.

The Faculty offers a B.Sc. degree in Agricultural Science with emphasis on animal science, agronomy and related subjects.  A study line for a B.Sc. degree in Equine Science has been offered since 2007 in cooperation with the Hólar College, where students divide their studies between LbhÍ and Hólar and graduate with a joint degree.  The number of Master students has increased in later year, and Ph.D. studies are organized in cooperation with the University of Iceland.

The Dean of the Faculty of Land and Animal Resources is Auður Magnúsdóttir

Study programmes:
Agricultural Science.
Equine Science.

ECTS course catalogue – includes complete descriptions in of all courses offered in English and Icelandic.
Undergraduate studies - Bachelor Programmes.
Graduate studies – M.Sc. and Ph.D.