Job opportunities

Among the AUI students that graduated in the years 2003-2009 their current situation in the fall 2012 was as follows:

84% were employed.
10% had continued studying.
6% were seeking a job.
Among those working, 70% regarded their job as their future job.
60% had experienced promotion after being hired.

Only a few have experienced temporary unemployment.
70% of the graduates work in fields directly related to the education obtained, indicating a sound relationship between our programme profiles and the needs of society.

Furthermore, all graduates who intended to continue their studies could, without any difficulties, enter study of their first choice, and they were generally very satisfied with their B.Sc. degree from AUI.

When asked if the graduates regarded their AUI B.Sc. degree of overall high quality, 64% agreed and 23% strongly agreed.

Occupational profiles
After finishing studies typical job opportunities for AUI graduates include

Agricultural Science
Agricultural extension, Independent farmers, Public and private service, Education, Research

Equine Science
Agricultural extension, Independent farmers and horse business.

Nature and Environmental Science
Public and private service, Education, Research, Range and park management, Consultation, Project management, Environmental issues

Forest Science and Restoration Ecology and Management
Soil protection and restoration, Forestry and afforestation planning, Public and private service, Education, Research, Project management

Landscape architecture and planning
Architecture and design, Landscape architect, Planning and planning consultation, Geodetic surveys, Project management, Environmental issues