Admission requirements

Admission requirements are specified in the Act No. 57/1999 on Agricultural Education and further elaborated in the Regulations for the Agricultural University of Iceland – University faculties at AUI.

A general requirement for the B.Sc. programmes is Matriculation Examination (four years of noncompulsory collage education) or equivalent. In addition, for entering the empirical science programmes (Agricultural Science, Equine Science, Natureand Environmental Science, Forest Science and Restoration Ecology and Management) students should during their Upper Secondary Level studies have emphasised natural sciences (by attending the natural science stream).

Programme Directors assess all applications for their respective programmes and judge whether the applicant has the necessary qualifications and background for enrolling in the programme Programme.

Directors may suggest exemptions to full requirements for entering the programmes, especially in case of older applicants (over 25 years). The results of directors application assessment is presented and confirmed in the Education Committee.

Admission requirements for M.Sc. studies are a B.Sc. degree from AUI or equivalent with a GPA of 7.25 (out of 10), and for Ph.D. studies a M.Sc. degree within a relevant field of study from an accredited university.  Admission procedures for Ph.D. studies involve the Graduate Studies Committee. One of its members is appointed by the Centre for Graduate Studies at the University of Iceland in line with the formal agreement between the two schools.

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