Co-operation and agreements with other universities

Holar University College A study line for a B.Sc. degree in Equine Science has been offered since 2007 in cooperation with the Hólar College, where students divide their studies between AUI and Hólar and graduate with a joint degree.

NOVA university network There is a formal co-operation between the agricultural and veterinary Universities of the Nordic Countries (NOVA Network) with joint courses being offered and a mutual recognition of coursework within MSc education. In addition the Nordic Universities offer joint Ph.D. courses in many fields. 

Other European universities Furthermore, there are formal agreements with other universities; Ålborg University, Denmark, University of Tromsö, Norway and Purdue University, Italy. Students that have graduated from the AUI have received full recognition abroad for their coursework undertaken at the AUI.

Outside Europe AUI has some formal agreements and Memorium of Understanding with universities ousite of Europe. In some cases these agreements alow students to go on exchange for one or two semesters and some of the agreements are focusing on research projects. No grants are involved in these agreements but instead the exchange students dont have to pay school fee at the host university. For further information on these agreements contact the International coordinator. List of universities: Canada: Guelph University, USA: Ohio State University and in Russia: Yakuts Agricultural University

United Nations University – Land Restoration Training programme
The Agricultural University of Iceland hosts United Nations University – Land Restoration Training programme (UNU-LRT). Six months training programme is run at AUI research facilities at Keldnaholt in Reykjavík and at the Soil Concervation Service of Iceland (SCSI) headquarters at Gunnarsholt, South-Iceland.

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