Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes (EnCHiL Nordic Master)

Two years MSc programme, 120 ECTS, site learning.
Taught in Hvanneyri and Greenland; at least 30 ECTS will be taken at Lund University (Sweden) or Helsinki University (Finland)

Online introduction to the program. First half is in Icelandic and second half is ein english:

Apply here! Second deadline is 15th of April 2021  For more info see the programs website enchil.net

High latitude ecosystems and societies are changing at an accelerated rate. This is due to climate change, changing land uses, and increased tourism, trans-polar transport and other economic activities. Therefore, there is an increasing global need for experts having multidisciplinary training in environmental sciences to help northern regions to work towards sustainable development within the framework of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Nordic Master in Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes (EnCHiL) provides high-quality graduate-level education at the highest international standards, as well as practical experience in Greenland, Iceland and other countries within the Arctic region.

Each year up to 20 MSc students will be accepted into the program. One third of them will start at the Agricultural University of Iceland (LbhÍ), one third at Lund University and one third at Helsinki University. During the second semester, all students will be located at the campus of the Agricultural University of Iceland in Hvanneyri and will travel together to Greenland. In the second year, students can specialize themselves by taking courses at LbhÍ in Iceland, Lund University in Sweden, Helsinki and Oulu University in Finland, Aarhus University in Denmark in collaboration with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, or at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, in addition to developing their 30 ECTS MSc reseach project.

By the end of the program

There is a growing need for educated environmental scientists with knowledge of the Arctic and the challenges facing this region, both in Iceland and internationally. Such specialists should be able to understand and communicate the latest research findings to policy makers and other stakeholders, to respond appropriately and sustainably to the many changes that these regions are facing.

Those who complete the EnCHiL Nordic Master programme will not only be prepared to pursue an interdisciplinary doctoral program in environmental science, but will also have the skillset needed to work in governmental agencies that deal with natural and regional development issues, both nationally and internationally. Such experts in the Arctic are also being sought after by the private sector due to increased opportunities and interest in these issues.

As an EnCHiL student, upon completion of the program you will have gained knowledge and a unique skillset, acquired in Iceland, Greenland and at least one semester at one of the strongest research universities in Northern Europe in the field of Arctic Studies. Special emphasis will also be placed on preparing yourself to work in multidisciplinary teams with people of different backgrounds (education, culture, language, etc.), and increasingly important ability in an increasingly globalized world.

The programme director is Isabel C. Barrio

More information and the application portal can be found at: www.enchil.net

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