Hestur - English

Experimental Sheep Farm Hestur
The farm
Hestur is about 1200 hectars. 76 % is grown with vegetation.
Cultivated hayfields are about 90 ha.

The sheep barn
The present barn was built in 1993 and first used in December 1993. Space for 550 sheep.
The older sheep barn has room for 250 sheep - mainly used during the lambing season.

The sheep flock
There are around 550 ewes 2 years and older, 170 ewe lambs and 25 ram on the farm.

Production system
The feed is mainly hay, harvested in June-August and stored in round bales.
The housing period is from November to May.
Shearing of wool is in the autumn (Nov.) and again in the beginning of March.
Mating season starts in mid-December and the lambing season is 1.-20. of May (indoors).
Summer grazing is on unimproved pasture at the farm until early July and on common mountain pastures from July to mid-September.
The lambs are slaughtered in September and October. All lambs are weighed and measured with ultrasound (muscle and fat) before slaughter.

Progeny tests
A group of ram lambs (13-17) are progeny tested annually. These progeny tests started at Hestur in 1957 and our goal is to select the best breeding sires for traits affecting conformation, growth rate and carcass quality of lambs. Daughters are also tested for productivity. The best sires from each progeny test are sold to Artificial Insemination stations.

Carcass classification – all lambs 2011 (EUROP).
Average carcass weight 15,94 kg. 742 lambs
Conformation score 9,43 and fat score 5,95. Muscle/fat ratio 1,58

               E          U          R          O          P          Total%
1                       0,40%   2,29%   0,81%    0,13%     3,63%
2          1,08

%   20,75%  32,21% 2,56%                   56,60%
3           2,34%  21,83% 12,40% 1,08%                    37,65%
3+         0,54      1,21%   0,40%                                 2,15%
Total    3,96%     44,19%   47,30%  4,45% 0,13%        100%
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