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Here you can find a very useful pdf file about studying in AUI


Cost of living
The estimated cost of living in Iceland, calculations made by the Icelandic Student Loan Fund, is about ISK 140,600 per month for one person. You can expect the rent for a single room will be at least ISK 65,000 per month. See Living in Iceland webpage for more information and estimated expenses.

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Learning Facilities
AUI offers 15 locals for teaching that accommodates 6-70 students.  AUI has around 2000m2 laboratories and equipment for research in the fields of natural and environmental sciences such as forestry science, soil erosion and land reclamation, study of greenhouse gasses, carbon cycling and carbon sequestration.  AUI is also well-equipped for extensive chemical analysis.

AUI has access to four modern and well equipped experimental farms wit a total of 420 ha of cultivated hay fields and 2500 ha of extended non-cultivated land.  In addition there are 12 ha of experimental land used specifically for various agronomy experiments.

Financial support for students
AUI can not give financial support to international students.

Practical information for mobile students
AUI is a small university that receives 2-3 exchange students per semester. It is located in the countryside and at the moment there are very limited transport between Hvanneyri and the nearest village Borgarnes that is in aprox 20km distance. It is possible to get a bus to Hvanneyri from Borgarnes in the evening during weekdays and that means that students have to rely on getting a ride with students or staff to get to Borgarnes.  International coordinator and students buddy takes care of helping students arrange those trips.

Nearest grocery shop, pharmacy, health clinic and sports facilities are also located in Borgarnes.

It is possible to make tailor made internship but it is not guaranteed.

Sports and Leisure Facilities
AUI can offer a small indoor sport facility.  In Borgarnes is a big sport hall with both indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a lot of AUI students us that. There are outdoor football field at Hvanneyri and excellent facilities for horseback riding both indoor and outdoor. And since AUI is located in the country site it is extremely easy to go out on a hike.

Student Associations
The students have few clubs that are very active during the academic year.  For exsamle a club for Agricultural Science, Club for sports and outdoor activities, Club for Art and cultural activities and finally men’s choir.  Students Buddy will help the exchange students to be up to date on the upcoming activities. Visit the students associations Facebook page.

Medical facilities -  In case of emergency, dial 112.
A visit to the doctor costs ISK 1,000 in the daytime and ISK 2,600 from 16:00 (4 pm) for citizens from EU/EEA countries. Other foreigners (who have not resided in Iceland for six months) have to pay in full, ISK 6,200 in the daytime and ISK 9,200 after 16:00 (4 pm). When visiting the doctor, you are advised to bring your insurance card, a valid passport and your ID number (kennitala). In order to pay the lower amount, you have to visit your local Health Care Clinic. The Health Centers are open from Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 16:00. Health Care Centre Borgarnesi, Borgarbraut 65, tel. +354 432 1430. Open from 08:00 - 16:00

The fees paid for each consultation and other services are set by regulation. EEA nationals presenting their EHIC will be charged the same fee as persons insured in Iceland. If these documents are not presented, the full cost of the treatment will be charged according to tariffs. For further information, see the website of the State Social Security Institute. For further information ask the international coordinator at AUI for advice.

Hospital treatment
Only doctors can admit patients to hospitals. In emergencies, patients may be admitted immediately to the hospital.

Pharmacies and prescriptions
Please note that you need to have a prescription from a doctor for some medicines. Please contact your local pharmacy for information (search for apótek).

European citizens
European students must bring a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them. The EHIC card proves that you are entitled to health insurance at home. Insured citizens of EEA countries are entitled to benefits in kind which are necessary on medical grounds during a temporary stay in Iceland, taking into account the nature of the benefits and the expected length of the stay. If you have to see a doctor, you must present the EHIC and your passport. This is proof that you are entitled to health insurance at home. (For further information or if in doubt, see the website of the Icelandic Health Insurance or call tel.: +354 515 0000).

Non-EU and -EEA citizens
Students from non-EU/EEA countries should have health insurance from an insurance company in their country that is licensed to operate in Iceland or buy insurance from an Icelandic insurance company. You will need coverage for the six-month waiting period until you are covered by the Icelandic Social Health Insurance. Below are Icelandic insurance companies from which you can buy health insurance. You must purchase insurance in order to apply for your student visa.

Social Security / Medical insurance
The Icelandic Social Security system is for Icelandic residents. There is a qualifying period of 6 months’ residency for new residents; the period starts running from the date of registration in the Þjóðskrá (the National Registry). Once the six-month qualifying period has passed, you will be eligible to receive the Icelandic social health care and will no longer need to purchase medical insurance.


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