Student Housing

The resident buildings for students are within five minutes walking distance of the main school building at the Hvanneyri campus. These are all relatively new and are only partly equipped with furniture. Both single rooms and flats of different sizes are available. Kindergaten, primary school and out of door sports area and nature trails are in immediate vicinity of the resident buildings.

See map of Hvanneyri.


AUI guarrentees accomodation for all exchange students. Each exchange student will get a room in a five-bedroom house together with icelandic students. Monthly rent is around 73.500 ISK (around 494 euro). Please contact the international coordinator for more information.

Student more or less make their own meals. In addition to that AUI runs a cantina that is open from Mon-Fri from 9:00 - 13:00, where students can buy warm lunch and snacks. The price of lunch is around 1.500 ISK (around 10,6 euro). There is no grocery store at Hvanneyri so students have to do all their shopping in Borgarnes which is around 16 km from Hvanneyri.

Facilities for special needs students:
AUI will as far as possible strive to make necessary arrangements for students with disabilities or special needs. This includes facilitation both during your study period and/or exams.

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