Study at the AUI

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The Agricultural University of Iceland offers study programmes on B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D level.
Agricultrual Science
Nature and Environmental Science
Forest Science (Restoration, Ecology and Management)
Landscape Planning and Architecture

Graduate studies M.Sc. and Ph.D.
M.Sc. Planning


AUI also offers vocational training in agriculture and horticulture at the upper secondary school level as well as lifelong learning (full regular programmes and ad hoc courses) for the general public and professionals within the field of AUI.
Forestry technician
Plant production
Protected crops and vegetable production

While the principal language of instruction is Icelandic, most textbooks other than in the vocational programmes are in English. The university does not sponsor Icelandic language courses.

ECTS course catalogue – includes complete descriptions in of all courses offered in English and Icelandic.

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