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The study lines of the Agricultural University of Iceland are based on international perspectives, and the lines can easily be compared to similar degree plans in larger universities in the field of agriculture, natural resources and management, landscape architecture and planning. The study requirements and outcomes are comparable to what is common in both domestic universities and abroad. Icelandic students have done well in graduate studies after completion of B.Sc. degrees at AUI.

Vocational training

Undergraduate Studies

Post Graduate Studies 

Continuing Education

AUI Campuses

Hvanneyri - Main building (Map) | Keldnaholt, Reykjavik (Map) | Reykir by Hveragerði (Map) 
Main offices are at Hvanneyri in Borgarbyggð, offices and research facilities are at Keldnaholt in Reykjavík and at Reykir in Hveragerði.

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While the principal language of instruction is Icelandic, most textbooks other than in the vocational programmes are in English. The university does not sponsor Icelandic language courses. See studies available to the left.


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