Vistkerfi utan jarðar - sköpun vistkerfis á Mars

James McDaniel og Steinþór Skúlason unnu verkefni um sköpun vistkerfis á Mars en þeir stunda nám á garðyrkjubraut LbhÍ á Reykjum. 

Inngangur að verkefni þeirra:

In recent years there has been increased interest in sending humans to Mars for exploration as well as human settlement. Mars presents unique challenges, but with the proper planning and technology, it can support life. Mars also presents humanity with an opportunity to study the history of the solar system, as well as a potential source for knowledge about how life began on earth. For many, Mars seems like the next logical step for future space exploration and colonization. The planet may seem an unlikely host for life, but over this project we hope to explore the basic building blocks of life and what would be needed initially to support that life in an enclosed habitable ecosystem on Mars. We will examine the following areas: weather within the Martian Atmosphere (veðurkerfi), Martian soil (samsetning jarðvegs), life from earth (lífverur frá jörð), and artificial life support systems (lífstuðningarkerfi).

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