IT Services

IT Services


Eva Símonardóttir, Ásgarður, Hvanneyri 
Guðjón Helgi Þorvaldsson, Keldnaholt, Reykjavík 
Email address:

IT help is usually available between: 08:00-16:00 on all working days. Computer support in Hvanneyri is located on the second floor by the library. It is recommended to send email to the address, the message will be processed there as soon as possible. You can also get remote assistance by clicking on the remote assistance button at the top of the page. People then download an applet from Teamveawer with an ID and password. IT support is authorized to take over the user's computer and help solve problems.

A computer lab is available for students at Hvanneyri. In the basement of Ásgarður is a classroom with 9 computers that students can use when no teaching is ongoing. There are also 3 computers in the library in Ásgarður and 3 computers in the study room of UMSK.

All users of computer equipment, computer network, data or other computer services at LbhÍ are responsible for their use and must identify themselves correctly in all communications on the school's network. Users of LbhÍ's computer equipment are obliged to familiarize themselves with the rules set by the university council or computer system supervisors and obey the rules for using the RH network. Administrators of computer systems reserve the right to block access of parties who violate these rules and report alleged violations.

Students are not allowed to connect their computers to the school network unless they have approved and updated virus protection. Those students who are found to have infected machines can expect their access to the network will be blocked without warning.

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Hvanneyri - 311 Borgarbyggð
Phone 433-5000
Kt. 411204-3590
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